Trailer for Pixar’s “Onward” reveals first big story details, easter eggs

A new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” has dropped and revealed more about the story of the next original animated feature from the Emeryville studio. Set in a suburban fantasy world, “Onward” introduces two teenage elf brothers, Ian and…

Tomorrowland Movie to get Super Bowl ad


As we learned last night, Disneyland is throwing a big party for it’s 60th anniversary starting May 22nd. You know what else starts May 22nd? That’s the premier of the much anticipated movie “Tomorrowland.”

To help build up excitement, Disney Pictures plan to run a Super Bowl commercial exposing the film to the big game’s 10’s of millions of audience members.

It’s not much, but the released a teaser to the Big Game trailer this morning.

There’s a much better look at the futuristic city, but that’s about the only thing we haven’t seen in the previously released trailer. Presumably there will be a lot more to see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Full plot synopsis below:

Legend Of The Seeker Finds Its Way To Your TV This Saturday

30-Minute Preview of Nationally Syndicated Action-Adventure Epic Available as a Free Download Exclusively on the iTunes Store Action-adventure fans can enjoy a first look of the highly-anticipated epic fantasy series “Legend of the Seeker” before its November 1st premiere weekend.…