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Disneyland Paris Reports Improved Revenue

After accounting for a one time real estate deal, the finances at Euro-Disney SCA, the operating company for Disneyland Paris, are still looking relatively rosy. Revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2011 grew 6.7% over last year. The parks and hotels segments both improved driving… Read More »Disneyland Paris Reports Improved Revenue

Disneyland Paris looks for money for improvements

While it is frequently mentioned as the most beautiful of the Disney theme parks, Disneyland Paris is also a financial mess. Overbuilt hotels at its launch and some poor planning over the years saddled it with a debt load it has never quite been able… Read More »Disneyland Paris looks for money for improvements

Disneyland Paris Revenue Up 8.5%

Disneyland Paris released its revenue numbers for the first fiscal quarter of 2011 and the news is good. Over all revenue increased by 8.5%. Most of that increase came in the lodging side. A 14% increase in hotel revenue was the result of more bookings… Read More »Disneyland Paris Revenue Up 8.5%

Fourth Disneyland Paris worker attempts suicide

Suicides are becoming a growing problem at Disneyland Paris. One is a tragedy, two is a coincidence, but three is a trend. Even if the first two were never directly associated with their work at Disneyland Paris, the perception is there. Today newswire reports indicate… Read More »Fourth Disneyland Paris worker attempts suicide