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Fourth Disneyland Paris worker attempts suicide

Suicides are becoming a growing problem at Disneyland Paris. One is a tragedy, two is a coincidence, but three is a trend. Even if the first two were never directly associated with their work at Disneyland Paris, the perception is there. Today newswire reports indicate a fourth employee attempted to take his own life, this time by threatening to jump off a railroad bridge in the park.

Eventually he was talked down. The employee reportedly blamed his managers for driving him over the edge, the same pattern associated with the previous suicides.

It seems clear that Disneyland Paris has a real problem on their hands here. Workers feel underpaid, over worked, and under considerable stress which is made worse by managers who ask for too much. The company itself is under a lot of stress as it tries to eek out a profit while paying down a huge debt incurred by building too many hotels for too few guests in a world economy that is, to put it kindly, in bad shape.

There is no easy solution here. But one thing can’t happen. No more cast members should be driven to suicide. Nothing will hurt the recovery efforts of the park more then if it gets a reputation as a place that works its employees to death. No one wants to go have fun at a place where workers are literally dying to serve you.

Let’s hope they figure it out soon