Enchanted Versus The Matrix – Point Of View

[ed note: I saw this article on another newsletter I receive and asked
permission to reprint it here. It’s a little different than the usual
fare I post here. But just as valid.]

I confess – I love movies, especially perception shifting ones. Actually I love what Del calls my "happy movies" and he keeps surprising me with a DVD to add to my collection.

When we visited my parents over Easter weekend I brought along his latest gift to me, a "happy movie" called "Enchanted" and we all watched it together. It was my second time through and once again I was enchanted.

But, since I had seen the story before I could look at it through my favorite lens, the perception shifting lens.

Enchanted on DVD and Blu-ray DVD

Enchanteddvdboxart I was not lucky enough to see Enchanted in the theaters. I heard about how wonderful Amy Adams was and how the whole film just worked from start to finish. Well now that I’ve seen it on DVD, all I can say is go out and get a copy right away. The movie is sweet, endearing and enchanting for every minute it’s on screen. It’s not going to go down as the best Disney film ever, but it ranks right up there with some of the classics.

Also of note is the use of animation that bookends the film’s New York City setting. This was the first hand drawn animation from the Mouse House as they embarked on a journey back to regularly using hand drawn animation in feature animation. I was impressed with how close the animation was to some of the classics, a move that was intentional, but I don’t want to give away too much of the film. Let’s just say that the number of ‘homages’ to other Disney films is substantial.

The Enchanted DVD comes with a few excellent extras that make the DVD a pleasurable viewing experience. Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, and a behind the scenes featurette will keep your interest. Sadly, there is no director’s commentary from director Kevin Lima. I know he’s a funny and intelligent man and think knowing his views and choices would be a nice addition.

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