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Short Enchanted Review

Enchanted was amazing.

I was not quite sure what to make of it from the trailers.
Going into the theater I expected a deconstructive satire much along the same
lines as Shrek or, to a certain extent, the Scary Movie series. However,
Enchanted provided not only greater commentary than any seemingly disconnected
gag from previous films, but also managed to not deconstruct the very pieces of
art that it pokes fun at. Instead of resorting to timely mocking of the great
animated films of times past, Enchanted manages to maintain a high level of
respect for those classics.

While films like Shrek feature a story filled with seemingly
unrelated comedy pieces, in Enchanted the light-hearted moments that reference
previous animated classics are actually relevant to the story and serve a
purpose. That is, they compare the ‘Disney-fied’ animated world to our modern
world. In the end, one has to wonder if we our laughing more at the innocent
absurdity of the animated world or the harsh illogicalness of our own.

The casting was spot on, with Amy Adams playing the role of
Giselle perfectly. The pace of the movie was also great. Not once did I get
bored or check my watch to see how much time had elapsed.

I enjoyed Enchanted immensely and from the audience
reaction, it seems that everyone else did as well. It is a wonderful movie not
only for children and families, but also for dates or anyone who just wants to
see a good movie.