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Walt Disney’s hidden Disneyland apartment

The Los Angeles Times takes its readers on a tour through Walt Disney’s hidden Main Street apartment at Disneyland.


Early Disney employees remember that a light in the window would signal that the boss was at home.

America’s favorite uncle died in 1966, but family members continued
using the apartment until 1983. Then they turned it over to Disney
executives — Michael Eisner, followed by Bob Iger — who considered it
the perfect place for private business meetings and corporate soirees.
They also occasionally rewarded outstanding employees with a peek past
the door.

In recent years, the apartment has been seen mainly by visiting
celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, who had a birthday party there, and
Johnny Depp, the swashbuckling "Pirates of the Caribbean" star.

Now Disneyland appears to be bringing back a public tour of the apartment as one of the ‘prizes’ in their Year Of A Million Dreams promotion.  While visiting the apartment is definitely a great experience for a Disney fan, I have to wonder what the average day guest will think when they win this prize?  "Ah-Mom… couldn’t we get the Dream Fastpass?"