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easter egg

Captain Marvel Easter Egg hidden in First Poster

Higher. Further. Faster. That’s the call of Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie “Captain Marvel.” I’m not sure I’d technically call this an Easter Egg, since it is almost in plain sight, but there is a fun homage in the new poster. Released with the trailer, which… Read More »Captain Marvel Easter Egg hidden in First Poster

Pixar Easter Eggs – deep dive secrets

A new video from the fun folks up in Emeryville finds some of the rarest, most obscure Easter Eggs hidden throughout their movies. Easter eggs started as a game animators played to pay tribute to other films they had worked on. Pixar Animation Studios takes… Read More »Pixar Easter Eggs – deep dive secrets

Disney’s Zootopia, New Pictures and a Frozen Easter Egg

Easter Eggs are those little details or tributes film makers add to keep fans coming back to see what they missed on their previous viewings. Disney just released a slew of new screen grabs from Zootopia and among them is this cool Easter egg. Tundra-Town… Read More »Disney’s Zootopia, New Pictures and a Frozen Easter Egg

Pixar Movie Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Fans of Pixar’s amazing films have been known to obsessively comb over every scene looking for hidden clues and in-jokes placed there by the animators. These are usually called ‘Easter Eggs.’ With that holiday coming up soon, Disney has introduced a tie-in virtual Easter Egg… Read More »Pixar Movie Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Monster University Easter Eggs from Pixar

If you’re like me, you love to scour Pixar’s feature films in search of the Hidden Gems (aka Easter Eggs) the filmmakers sneak into each film: WALL•E’s explorations uncover a Mike Wazowski antenna ball and Eve scanned the Pizza Planet Truck, and in Up, the classic Luxo Jr. ball can be seen in the girl’s bedroom as Carl Fredricksen’s house flies by her window. If you’re looking for the hidden gems from Monsters University we have confirmation from Disney*Pixar right here in the form of these screen shots:

A113 – The School of Scaring classroom number is A113, which refers to the former classroom of John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter and Andrew Stanton at CalArts. The number makes an appearance in every Pixar feature film.


Pizza Planet – The Pizza Planet truck is in the driveway of the JOX fraternity house when Mike is riding Archie the Scare Pig down Greek Row. The Pizza Planet truck, which first made an appearance in “Toy Story,” has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar feature film.Read More »Monster University Easter Eggs from Pixar

Brave – Pixar’s Hidden Easter Eggs

Fans of Pixar know to look for certain hidden items, or Easter Eggs, sprinkled throughout their films. For instance, John Ratzenberger, who voices a character in every film, played Scottish guard Gordon in Brave. Those with great vision would have spotted two other tributes hidden… Read More »Brave – Pixar’s Hidden Easter Eggs