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  • Pixar Easter Eggs – deep dive secrets

    A new video from the fun folks up in Emeryville finds some of the rarest, most obscure Easter Eggs hidden throughout their movies. Easter eggs started as a game animators played to pay tribute to other films they had worked on. Pixar Animation Studios takes that to the next level…

  • Five Easter Eggs to Look For in Doctor Strange

    Now that Marvel’s Doctor Strange has conjured more than $500M at the box office, it’s time to get this film a second look. One of the favorite things for Marvel to do is to insert Easter Eggs into their films. In factr, Marvel has been hiding Easter Eggs in their…

  • Pixar Movie Easter Egg Hunt Challenge
    Pixar Movie Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

    Fans of Pixar’s amazing films have been known to obsessively comb over every scene looking for hidden clues and in-jokes placed there by the animators. These are usually called ‘Easter Eggs.’ With that holiday coming up soon, Disney has introduced a tie-in virtual Easter Egg hunt special feature via their…

  • Monster University Easter Eggs from Pixar
    Monster University Easter Eggs from Pixar

    If you’re like me, you love to scour Pixar’s feature films in search of the Hidden Gems (aka Easter Eggs) the filmmakers sneak into each film: WALL•E’s explorations uncover a Mike Wazowski antenna ball and Eve scanned the Pizza Planet Truck, and in Up, the classic Luxo Jr. ball can…

  • Brave – Pixar’s Hidden Easter Eggs
    Brave – Pixar’s Hidden Easter Eggs

    Fans of Pixar know to look for certain hidden items, or Easter Eggs, sprinkled throughout their films. For instance, John Ratzenberger, who voices a character in every film, played Scottish guard Gordon in Brave. Those with great vision would have spotted two other tributes hidden in the same scene. The…

  • Graph Jam: Watching Pixar Films
    Graph Jam: Watching Pixar Films

    see more Funny Graphs So true. Of course there is also the hunt for the A113, the Disneyland attraction poster, and a character from the next film. What other regular easter eggs does Pixar like to hide? (hat tip: the always excellent Broke Hoedown)

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