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Monster University Easter Eggs from Pixar

If you’re like me, you love to scour Pixar’s feature films in search of the Hidden Gems (aka Easter Eggs) the filmmakers sneak into each film: WALL•E’s explorations uncover a Mike Wazowski antenna ball and Eve scanned the Pizza Planet Truck, and in Up, the classic Luxo Jr. ball can be seen in the girl’s bedroom as Carl Fredricksen’s house flies by her window. If you’re looking for the hidden gems from Monsters University we have confirmation from Disney*Pixar right here in the form of these screen shots:

A113 – The School of Scaring classroom number is A113, which refers to the former classroom of John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter and Andrew Stanton at CalArts. The number makes an appearance in every Pixar feature film.


Pizza Planet – The Pizza Planet truck is in the driveway of the JOX fraternity house when Mike is riding Archie the Scare Pig down Greek Row. The Pizza Planet truck, which first made an appearance in “Toy Story,” has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar feature film.


Luxo – The Pixar Luxo ball is in graffiti on the wall behind Claire Wheeler and Brock Pearson during their introduction to the Scare Games’ first challenge. Pixar Animation Studio’s groundbreaking short film “Luxo Jr.” was the first computer animated short film released by Pixar during its first year as a studio in 1986.


Additional potential easter eggs include characters from the upcoming Pixar release “The Good Dinosaur” can be seen as dinosaur toys on the floor of the scare simulator room in the final Scare Games challenge. Of course, John Ratzenberger, Pixar’s good luck charm, returns as the voice of the Yeti.

Did you see or hear any others, let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Monster University Easter Eggs from Pixar”

  1. The Record Player used in the scaring adults scene is. Lilo’s and it plays Stitch’s very first word in Lilo & Stitch!!!!

  2. In one of the dorm room scenes, there’s a poster of a car– what looks like the same modle of Mike W.’s car from the Pixar short “Mike’s New Car” (the one where Sully is constantly adjusting his seat in Mike’s car).

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