donald duck

I don't get to talk about comics as much as I'd like to because frankly, there hasn't been much interesting there since the relaunch of the Donald Duck series two years ago. All that just changed with a recent announcement at Book Expo America. Disney announced a partnership with Slave Labor Graphics for a four
If you're a fan of Donald Duck, or Disney animation period, you might want to find your way to Eugene Oregon this month for a celebration of the foul mouth fowl. The University of Oregon is the only college with a Disney character as their mascot: A duck emblem was in use by 1933, and
What are you doing next monday? You're not planning to play hookey from work and attend the dedication of Donald Duck's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are you? Well on the off chance you might be considering it. Here's the deets from the LaughingPlace Newswire. Something about a free movie screening too. Let