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Vault by Vans Unveils Disney OG Classics for 2013


If you’re into that retro look and a Disney fan, then you’re sure to fall in love with this retro-line of Vans tennis shoes that feature classic original artwork from the early 1980s. Part of the Vault by Vans line, a timeless collection of Vans styles inspired by modern street fashion, art, music and our 40+ years of heritage in skateboarding and surfing, these shoes are expected to be available starting July 2013 at select Vans Vault distributors. The Vault by Vans line started in 2003 and this new line of Vans x Disney OG Classics completes the first decade of Vault.

Vault by Vans kicks off the ten-year celebration by reissuing these character prints that were originally designed in partnership with Disney in the early 1980s. Not available for decades, these prints will re-emerge for Vault’s fourth installment of OG Classics. The OG Classics assortment will pay tribute to the first vulcanized, waffled-soled styles from Vans by presenting them in their purest form: their original form.Read More »Vault by Vans Unveils Disney OG Classics for 2013

Uma, Donald. Uma, Donald

Earlier we posted a pic of Uma Thurman at Universal Studios Orlando, as you might expect she also visited Walt Disney World during her vacation. Here she is photographed with the temperamental fowl we all know and love – Donald Duck. They’re on one of… Read More »Uma, Donald. Uma, Donald

Star Tours 3-D – A Very Special Promo Video

Star Tours 3-D has now opened at both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the crowds keep coming to see the 3-D attraction with over 50 possible ride combinations. Disney has just released this special promotional video that highlights the different destinations Star Tours guests could visit. They’ve even added a special cameo appearance by yours truly. Keep an eye out around the 1:04 minute mark:

Join me below the jump for the secrets of how this video was made:

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Happy Birthday Donald Duck

Today, June 9th, 1934, Donald Duck made his big screen debut in Walt Disney’s animated short “The Wise Little Hen.” Donald was a late comer to the group known as the “Fab Five” (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy & Pluto). He was so late, he was the only one to premiere in color.

Although his birthday is sometimes given as Friday the 13th in shorts and comics, today is the generally accepted date.

Donald helped fill a gap in the Fab Five. Mickey Mouse had started to lose his edge and become a more respected figure. Donald’s more wild attitude and quick temper gave Animators a lot to work with. Since then the wily duck has grown a huge fan base, sometimes rivaling Walt’s pal Mickey at the box office and in merchandise sales.

Update: A couple people commented wondering why I used an image of Donald Duck as a Nazi here. That images is from Der Fuehrer’s Face, a 1942 animated cartoon starring Donald Duck. It was directed by Jack Kinney and released on January 1, 1942 as an anti-Nazi propaganda movie for the American war effort. The film won the 1942 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It was the only Donald Duck cartoon to win an Oscar. The short was voted #22 of “the 50 Greatest Cartoons” of all time by members of the animation field in a 1994 survey. So yeah, it was kind of an important moment in Donald Duck’s history.

Donald even has his own theme song:

Who’s got the sweetest disposition
One guess, guess who?
Who never never starts an argument
Who never shows a bit of temperament
Who’s never wrong but always right
Who’d never dream of starting a fight
Who gets stuck with all the bad luck
No one, but Donald Duck

So happy birthday Donald. Thank you for all the laughts you’ve provide the world.

One last thing: Here’s a bit of trivia for you. Donald Duck has a middle name. See if you can guess what it is before you click below the jump for the answer:

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Donald Duck Groping Lawsuit Settled

Word from the Smoking Gun website is that the woman who filed suit against Disney for pain and suffering she experienced after being groped by a costumed cast member dressed as Donald Duck has settled with Disney and the case was dismissed. You can read… Read More »Donald Duck Groping Lawsuit Settled