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Donald Duck Groping Lawsuit Settled

Word from the Smoking Gun website is that the woman who filed suit against Disney for pain and suffering she experienced after being groped by a costumed cast member dressed as Donald Duck has settled with Disney and the case was dismissed. You can read the court documents at the website.

There is no word on the settlement amount. But it likely included a provision that a video showing the incident never be distributed.

I see two likely options here: 1) either Disney settled rather than face further negative publicity should the woman’s video of the incident be shared with the media and it was cheaper to settle than pay a PR company to deal with the media or 2) the woman was convinced to settle for such a small amount that Disney settled to save money on lawyer costs.

Either way, I don’t believe the woman had a case. The Tigger case showed that the characters have a limited range of motion and limited vision in the costumes. Not to mention very little feel in the gloves. So any contact was accidental. Of course, maybe this was just one Duck who lost his mind for a few minutes. We will never know now that the case has been settled.

Btw, Props to The Smoking Gun for calling Epcot by it’s real name EPCOT Center.

6 thoughts on “Donald Duck Groping Lawsuit Settled”

  1. I’m disappointed that these ended in a settlement. This woman’s case seemed really, really flimsy — especially when you read the laughable list of all the things that the supposed post-traumatic stress caused her. Too bad she is going getting something out of Disney for this.

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  3. yes, because anyone who dares call it EPCOT is not a true fan. /sarcasm

    Thanks for alienating me John.

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