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ABC Lineup beginning to take shape

According to Deadline Hollywood, ABC is making some big changes in its lineup. We already know about the soaps that have been canceled. Now the fall schedule begins to shape up. There will be a growing focus on comedies and a few favorite dramas won’t be coming back.

Among the dramas getting the axe are No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7, Off The Map, Mr. Sunshine, Brothers and Sisters and the sci-fi show ‘V’ (possibly a movie for ‘V’ to wrap things up, however). The replacement list includes: Good Christian Belles, Charlie’s Angels, Once Upon A Time, Pan Am, Revenge, Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal and The River. Some of these will be mid season replacements.

Tim Allen returns to ABC in the comedy Last Man Standing. Also approved are the sit-coms Man Up, Suburgatory and Work-It (apparently Cross Dressing is involved).

For those interested, here are the list of pilots that were not picked up according to Deadline: Dramas – Identity, Hallelujah, Grace, Georgetown, Poe, and Partners. Comedies – My Freakin’ Family, Other People’s Kids, Bad Mom, and Lost & Found. I was really looking forward to Poe, oh well.

We’ll have more on these new shows as ABC does its up-fronts next week. Up-fronts are basically the presentations that help sell the new shows to advertisers each year. So we should learn a lot.

7 thoughts on “ABC Lineup beginning to take shape”

  1. Like I said on the V Facebook page, it seems that shows that require a bit of intelligence to follow, get the axe. Obviously, brains are missing at ABC.

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  4. For once I actually agree with ABC’s choices for the shows getting the axe! Will wonders ever cease! I watched 1 episode of each one of these shows and never wasted another minute on another. This will probably be the ONLY time I will say, “GOOD JOB ABC”!

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