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disneyland hotel

Disneyland Hotel turns 55

Another milestone anniversary has just been celebrated at Disneyland. The self-proclaimed “World’s Most Exciting Hotel” has just turned 55. When it opened the Disneyland Hotel was the first major hotel in Orange County. Things have changed a bit since then. Taken in 1961, the photo… Read More »Disneyland Hotel turns 55

Disneyland Hotel Workers stage Half-day Walk-out

Sounds like the battle between the Hotel and Restaurant workers of UNITE HERE and the Disneyland resort is heating up. After the company was perceived to increase their workload unreasonably, to the point of possibly injuring some employees, the hotel workers have decided they had… Read More »Disneyland Hotel Workers stage Half-day Walk-out

Disneyland Hotel to finally get makeover it deserves

From almost the moment the Walt Disney Company took over ownership of the Disneyland Hotel from the Wrather company in 1988 the question has been, will they keep the towers or remodel them. So far during every renovation the answer has ‘keep the towers’.

There had been some rumors that one or more of the towers was scheduled for demolition in the next scheduled renovation, but it now looks like that plan has been scuttled (likely due to the economy) and again they’ll be focusing on making each room a masterpiece as best they can while constrained by the original tower specifications.

That said, there’s a lot of really cool stuff included this time around, including another remake of the hotel grounds, green upgrades, and some crafty use of fiber optics to make your hotel stay dramatically more magical. For instance, the backboard (seen above) features fiber optic fireworks above Sleeping Beauty Castle and a hidden mickey too!.

The full press release highlighting this round of changes, along with more photos of what the finished room will look like, is below the cut:

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Green Bakery Debuts at Disneyland Resort

On Earth Day of all days, it’s important to note that environmental impact is most often made incrementally. Disneyland Resort has recently opened a new green central bakery that will shift the famed attraction toward a safer, environmentally friendly, food experience. As with all new… Read More »Green Bakery Debuts at Disneyland Resort

Yamabuki to close April 11th

Ever since Godfather Pizza was forced to close to make way for an expanded Disneyland Resort (and eventually a parking lot), no restaurant closing has been so sad for me to hear about. But we knew it was coming. Last year Yamabuki at the Paradise… Read More »Yamabuki to close April 11th

Disney settles Goofy Lawsuit

Amber Galloway worked at Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel when she noticed that she was getting underpaid, over worked, and not allowed to take the mandatory breaks (at least that’s her story). So she filed a class action lawsuit as any red blooded American… Read More »Disney settles Goofy Lawsuit

First Same-Sex Couple Legally Wed at Disneyland

Jennifer at Broke Hoedown reports on an email she received from the first same-sex couple to be legally married at the Disneyland Resort. Sarah and Robyn were married on August 2nd at the Disneyland Hotel in a the beautiful setting of the garden gazebo. Photographer… Read More »First Same-Sex Couple Legally Wed at Disneyland