Disneyland Hotel Workers stage Half-day Walk-out

Sounds like the battle between the Hotel and Restaurant workers of UNITE HERE and the Disneyland resort is heating up. After the company was perceived to increase their workload unreasonably, to the point of possibly injuring some employees, the hotel workers have decided they had enough.

A half-day walk out was staged on Sunday with about 75 employees walking off the job from their positions at the three Disneyland hotels. A Disneyland spokesman said that other employees were called in to do the work and no guests were affected.

This was the first actual work stoppage in a dispute that has drug on for more than two years now.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Hotel Workers stage Half-day Walk-out”

  1. There used to be a place for Unions, but honestly living out here in California and seeing how much of a mess they are causing for us, I think we should get rid of them completely.

    Bottom line is these days most employers are dropping health insurance benefits completely, they should be grateful to get any health benefits at all and stop the whining. Not to mention all of the other benefits that they get with their jobs.

  2. In the first paragraph you say it’s time to get rid of Unions, but in the second paragraph you explain exactly why they’re needed. I think we need more unions right now, not less. Companies should have to build the true cost of running a company on their balance sheets and not push employee healthcare and other concerns onto the families.

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