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Snazzy Princess and the Frog Stocking Stuff – Band-Aids?

Update: My wife just noticed that the Band-Aid box has braille for band-aid right below the logo. Very cool. Do all band-aid boxes have that?


Looking for something fun and purposeful to fill your child’s stocking this Christmas? This holiday season may be all about “back to the basics” in gift giving, but just because you are giving a “necessity” does not mean it needs to be boring! Try something with one of Disney’s newest stars on it.

“The Princess and the Frog” hits theaters December 11th and Princess Tiana is already popular character this holiday season. Band-Aid has partnered with Disney for the first time and will now offer BAND-AID® Brand Decorated Adhesive Bandages with the movie’s Princess Tiana depicted in a variety of scenes. Having your favorite movie character on your kid’s latest scrape will certainly make the healing process more fun for the entire family.

We just got our sample box of these fun Band-Aid bandages and already have helped to heal a few wounds the fun Disney way. I find it interesting how Disney rolls out all the product tie-ins for its movies. What’s the weirdest tie-in you’ve ever found? Mine is Snow White Apples. I mean, weren’t Snow White’s Apples poisoned? Who would want to eat one of those.