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Cosplay at D23 Expo – Day 1 Gallery

Yesterday Whit shared with us some of his favorite Cosplay costumes from D23 Expo in his photo gallery. Those were amazing for sure, but there was a lot more Cosplay than just the few characters Whit found. Today we’re sharing another even bigger gallery of… Read More »Cosplay at D23 Expo – Day 1 Gallery

Cosplay at D23 Expo – Whit’s Gallery

Cosplay is a portmanteau of the words costume and play. What brand is more associated with those ideas than Disney? That’s part of what makes the D23 Expo such a great place to spot Disney fans dressing up as their favorite Disney related characters. Author,… Read More »Cosplay at D23 Expo – Whit’s Gallery

Disney Fandom at D23 Expo

Do you know Traci Hines or Cassie Wanda. They’re both Disney cosplay fans who have built up a name for themselves via their amazing costumes, photos, and videos. Both are profiled as part of a Buzzfeed story on Disney Fans who made the journey to… Read More »Disney Fandom at D23 Expo

More Fan Created Disney Dream Portraits.

We’ve covered Duy Truong’s fan created take on Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Parks Dream Portraits a few times before today. But he’s out with another small batch of photos that include a few of what I think are his best work so far.

I like this one of Constance Hatchaway, the bride from the Haunted Mansion. This is the WDW version of the bride who wears necklaces , each one representing a dead husband. She had five. Constance is also the old lady in one of the stretching portraits, the one holding a rose, that’s why it’s in the portrait.


Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and Esmeralda below the jump:

Read More »More Fan Created Disney Dream Portraits.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Model by Alexandre de Araújo

Disney Fandom is a worldwide phenomenon. Check out this amazing model of Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland Paris. Alexandre de Araújo, a Portuguese Disneyfan, spent five years to build this model. Here is his video tour of the very detailed work: See also: Jaime Ibanez… Read More »Sleeping Beauty Castle Model by Alexandre de Araújo

Disney Tattoo Guy Selling Collection

Say it ain’t so George! According to a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer George Reiger, known to Disney fans everywhere as the Disney Tattoo Guy, is selling his 5,000 piece collection of Disneyana for a new love. Some items in his collection are amazingly rare… Read More »Disney Tattoo Guy Selling Collection

Mickey Heads-Podcast Review 4-30-10

The Voice of Walt Disney World, Earth Day and Ridley Pearson of the Kingdom Keepers book series headline this set of podcasts, representing about 8.5 hours of listening, that you are sure to enjoy. Mr Frank’s Wild Ride (iTunes) Episode #6 Kingdom Keepers book series is… Read More »Mickey Heads-Podcast Review 4-30-10