Disney Tattoo Guy Selling Collection

Say it ain’t so George! According to a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer George Reiger, known to Disney fans everywhere as the Disney Tattoo Guy, is selling his 5,000 piece collection of Disneyana for a new love. Some items in his collection are amazingly rare or even unique one of a kind pieces. So there will be some lucky fans out there. George considers himself lucky too, he’s moving to Miami to be near his princess and ask for her hand in marriage. We at the Disney Blog with George and Kathleen a fairy tale ending.

13 thoughts on “Disney Tattoo Guy Selling Collection”

  1. One time George told me he wanted to move down here, but he could never sell his house for what its worth so he would never move from PA. so I am very surprised at this.

  2. I think I’m more stunned that he plans to rid himself of all the body art, too. Ouch. Thats a lot of hours of tattoo removal…..

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