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Beyonce Thanksgiving Night Special to air on ABC

When you’ve recovered from your turkey coma and are wondering what to do the rest of the night after Uncle Jim hits the road, why not turn on ABC for a 90-minute special featuring world famous recording artist Beyonce. This is the 2nd year of a Beyonce Thanksgiving Special on ABC. Here’s a preview and more details are below the jump:

Beyonce’s I am World tour travels the planet on a 32-country, 6-continent adventure. Viewers will hear her perform her biggest hits in the world’s greatest venues, and will see what it takes to mount an over-the-top mega-production: the backstage moments, choreography, costumes, and life offstage. The special features guest appearances by Kanye West and her superstar husband Jay-Z.

The show weaves together more than ninety of Beyoncé’s performances from Croatia to Abu Dhabi to Africa, Australia and China: the sheer, backbreaking work of producing one of the most dazzling visual acts in the music world, complicated by a performer who will tolerate nothing less than perfection.

Beyonce, the 16-time Grammy winner, is famous for doing it all: costumes, music, dancing and staging. This time, she also directs: both the special and a full-length theatrical film of her tour. With previously unseen material from thousands of hours of intimate coverage, this shows Beyonce as those she is closest to see her – unfiltered, real, living a life at full throttle, without compromise.

This is Beyoncé’s second consecutive primetime Thanksgiving night special with ABC. Beyoncé Knowles is the executive producer and director for Parkwood Pictures. The special is produced by ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions, Rudy Bednar and David Saltz are the executive producers.

3 thoughts on “Beyonce Thanksgiving Night Special to air on ABC”

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  2. This will be epic! Beyonce has always meant Thanksgiving to me, like mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Thank you ABC and Disney for making my dreams come true.
    Yours Truly,

  3. Man I missed it. I wish I could have seen it. Will it ever come on again? Where can I go to see this? I need to see it, I been up all night trying to find a way to get to watch it. I found nothing. HHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!. I have to see this.

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