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dapper day

Disney-themed retro-vintage dress shop opening at Disney Springs

A new mini-store is coming to Disney Springs’ Marketplace Co-Op. “The Dress Shop” will focus on a whimsical collection of apparel and accessories that’s filled with nostalgia fans of Disney’s theme parks will love. Last year there was a small collection of clothing available at… Read More »Disney-themed retro-vintage dress shop opening at Disney Springs

2016 Dapper Days Announced

Dapper Days started small, but, unbeknownst to even its creator, it had tapped into something in the eclectic society of Disney fans… a desire to show that our Disney fandom is more than just popcorn and churros. We like to get dressed up, maybe do… Read More »2016 Dapper Days Announced

Dappery Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Yesterday was Dapper Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s a chance for those who are inclined to want to dress up, to step out in style with fellow minded theme park guests, and by sheer numbers, create an atmosphere that’s a little more dapper than… Read More »Dappery Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Dapper Day – Disney Style Featurette

Word has definitely gotten out about what a fashionably fun time you can have at Dapper Day. In fact, Disney sent its own team from the Disney Style YouTube channel to film this featurette. Remember Walt Disney World is having a Dapper Day on March… Read More »Dapper Day – Disney Style Featurette