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2016 Dapper Days Announced

Dapper Days started small, but, unbeknownst to even its creator, it had tapped into something in the eclectic society of Disney fans… a desire to show that our Disney fandom is more than just popcorn and churros. We like to get dressed up, maybe do a little Disneybounding, and meet fellow fans who feel the same way.

Dapper Day is still an unofficial event but now it spans two continents and has some support from Disneyland, including an expo at the Disneyland Hotel.

Spring Events:

April 16 – The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
April 16 – Disneyland Paris
April 30, May 1 – Dapper Day Expo, Disneyland Hotel
May 1 – Disneyland, Anaheim

Fall events:

October 15 – Disneyland Paris
November 6 – Disneyland, Anaheim
November 5+6, Dapper Day Expo, Disneyland Hotel
November 12 – EPCOT

It’s going to be amazing to have a Dapper Day at EPCOT. One of my favorite Disney paintings ever is this concept art of EPCOT by Herb Ryman.


Look at all those exotic outfits. I’ve love to see this recreated on a year from now. That would be fantastic.

Learn more at including good hotel rates for Dapper Day participants.