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Disneyland planning its own Dapper Day to celebrate its 60th Anniversary


Dapper Day is an unofficial fan organized event that started in 2011 as a way for fans to show their love of Walt Disney’s theme parks by dressing smartly to recreate the feeling of the Disneyland’s early days when going out to the park was a sophisticated affair. However, the founder’s vision was soon subsumed by the power of the crowd who made it more into a vintage or retro-hip experience with a side of DisneyBound style.

This year on the park’s birthday, July 17th, Disneyland is asking fans to dress in 1955-era vintage style by wearing your finest suits and circle skirts. An official Dapper Day, if you will.

As the Disney Parks blog explains:

When Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, guests arrived in their fanciest attire . . . even children were dressed to the nines. Fast forward sixty years and many of our guests still enjoy visiting the Disneyland Resort in their three-piece suits and hats, cat-eye sunglasses and pearls. So in honor of our historic opening day, Disneyland Resort guests are encouraged to help us travel back in time by wearing their favorite 1955-inspired ensembles.

Throughout the day, you will have opportunities to show your 1955 Disney Side with special photo locations and themed entertainment.


It was definitely a different era back in the mid-50s. If you look carefully not everyone was wearing suits, but fashions were no where near as casual as the public dresses today. I like that Disney is encouraging fans to dress up for the event. It should give this anniversary a flair unlike any in the past

What do you think about Disney inviting its guests to dress in their retro-finery? If you’re planning to attend, will you be in your dapper attire?

1 thought on “Disneyland planning its own Dapper Day to celebrate its 60th Anniversary”

  1. I’ve always felt that people dressed with much more style in the past than we do today – I’m so happy to see that Disney is getting on-board with an “official” Dapper Day! We will be at Walt Disney World for Dapper Day this October, but won’t be at Magic Kingdom that day, so we’re not getting all gussied up…but maybe in the future! (It’s kind of tough to get 2 little boys dressed up and not have their clothes get ruined!)

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