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ABC to recreate classic “To Tell the Truth” comedic variety show

Host Anthony Anderson

Host Anthony Anderson

Break out the vacuum tube TV set and foil TV dinners, ABC is reaching back to classic television history to re-launch the classic celebrity panelist comedy variety show “To Tell the Truth.”

Anthony Anderson (actor, comedian, and star of ABC”s “black-ish”) will host and Betty White and NeNe Leakes will serve as some of the first celebrity panelists. Additional celebrity guests will join throughout the season.

“To Tell The Truth” promises to be an anarchic and funny re-imagining of the beloved, game show of the same name. The all new version will take the excitement to another level featuring fun characters from pop culture over the six-episode series.

Anderson will preside over four famous faces including legend Betty White (who has appeared on previous versions of the show) and actress NeNe Leakes. In each round they will be presented with three people who all claim to be the same person with the same incredible talent, job or achievement. One is sworn to tell the truth while the others are not. The panel of celebrities will have a chance to grill each participant before taking turns deciding who they think is telling the truth.

Anderson’s brassy mother, Doris, will be the official scorekeeper and asking questions of her own, not to mention embarrassing her son every chance she gets. The celebrity panelist who performs the worst will have to tweet a lie about themselves to the world. Cheche and his Band of Liars will be the house band. Every episode will end with a show stopping stunt/performance.

So far no debut date has been announced, but celebrity panel game shows are making a comeback right now. I think Disney will do pretty well with this one. Plus, who doesn’t love Betty White.