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Playmation brings hi-tech, real world gaming to Disney

Disney has just taken playtime to the next level. Playmation combines technology with physical toys in a way that encourages imagination. The Dreamfinder would be proud. When it releases in October it will come with an Avengers starter pack with Star Wars and Frozen playsets… Read More »Playmation brings hi-tech, real world gaming to Disney

Videopolis – a #jelsa Holiday


I’ve resisted posting most of the Frozen fan art. I could fill this blog with it, but the good news is there’s a lot of great stuff out there and it doesn’t take much Googling to find it. However, I’ll make an exception for today’s Videopolis.

For all you Jack Frost and Queen Elsa shippers out there, here is Chris Villain and Traci Hines covering “Let it Snow” with some retro inspired cosplay.

If that wasn’t enough, join us below for their take on “Elsa It’s Cold Outside.”Read More »Videopolis – a #jelsa Holiday

James & Sean Gunn Get Grooted at Dragon Con

I think we’ve just witnessed the introduction of a new word into the geek lexicon – Grooting. To be Grooted is to have someone dancing behind you only to stop a second before you turn around. It comes from this scene in Marvel’s Guardians of… Read More »James & Sean Gunn Get Grooted at Dragon Con

Home made Groot costume for under $100

10527323_10153025055076124_780402979283816721_nI’ve already seen some amazing cosplay characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, two local cosplay artists were hired by Disney to be Gamora and Starlord at the recent “Unlead the Villains” event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Those were pretty cool, but this home made Groot costume is simply fantastic.

Calen Hoffman does make some pretty amazing custom cosplay props at Propcustomz, but his tutorial to make Groot is quite detailed and uses materials you can find just about anywhere there’s a hobby store and home improvement store. Those feeling courageous can probably do this themselves at home.

In order to create the rough tree-like look of the costume, Hoffman used tissue paper in a paper-mache glue and water mixture to add a bark like texture over foam pipe insulation attached to a body suit. Moss, he got from a hobby store’s train aisle, adds that great detail.

Read More »Home made Groot costume for under $100

Disney Bound, it’s becoming a thing

Disney Bounding as Perry the Platypus at 24 hour day

Disney Bounding as Perry the Platypus at 24 hour day

We’ve talked before about how going DisneyBound to the parks is becoming a thing. And we think the trend is picking up steam. There are a couple factors to this:

  • Social media. It’s so easy to share your daily life on social media, especially movies or pictures, so why not go that extra step if you’re a Disney fan and show your love via the outfit you’re wearing.
  • Dapper Days. The fan-led bi-coastal event encourages guests to dress in their finest when they visit the parks. Although it started out as more of a throwback event, it’s morphed to include DisneyBounding outfits too. The same thing bled over into the 24hr days too.
  • Acceptance of Geek Culture. There is a wider acceptance of geek culture, including Cosplay, in the US. With the latest generations practically weened on the internet, I expect geek culture to become an even bigger part of the nation’s social fabric.

But there is a difference between Cosplay and Disney Bounding. Here’s Leo Camacho to help explain the difference

Here’s a video from Babes in Disneyland showing how easy clothes at a vintage-inspired clothing shop can be made into Disney Bound outfits.
Read More »Disney Bound, it’s becoming a thing

Ariel Look-A-Like Contest at Burbank’s Film Festival

Fans of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, may want to brush off that Ariel costume and get in the mood for some cosplay photo sessions. The 25th Anniversary of the film is being celebrated at the Burbank International Film Festival with a special screening of the… Read More »Ariel Look-A-Like Contest at Burbank’s Film Festival

Going DisneyBound at the Parks

DisneyBound started off as this awesome tumblr where Leslie Kay assembled outfits designed to give the appearance or traits of a Disney character, without going the full 9-yards that Cosplay usually requires. In theory, you could wear any of the outfits Kay assembled out in… Read More »Going DisneyBound at the Parks

Beautiful Disney Child Cosplay at Disneyland

There are few things more fun for a child than to just let your imagination run wild at Disneyland. It’s part of the spirit that I tried to capture in Dispatch from Disneyland, my book about the magic of Walt’s park. But there are other… Read More »Beautiful Disney Child Cosplay at Disneyland