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Disney Bound, it’s becoming a thing

Disney Bounding as Perry the Platypus at 24 hour day

Disney Bounding as Perry the Platypus at 24 hour day

We’ve talked before about how going DisneyBound to the parks is becoming a thing. And we think the trend is picking up steam. There are a couple factors to this:

  • Social media. It’s so easy to share your daily life on social media, especially movies or pictures, so why not go that extra step if you’re a Disney fan and show your love via the outfit you’re wearing.
  • Dapper Days. The fan-led bi-coastal event encourages guests to dress in their finest when they visit the parks. Although it started out as more of a throwback event, it’s morphed to include DisneyBounding outfits too. The same thing bled over into the 24hr days too.
  • Acceptance of Geek Culture. There is a wider acceptance of geek culture, including Cosplay, in the US. With the latest generations practically weened on the internet, I expect geek culture to become an even bigger part of the nation’s social fabric.

But there is a difference between Cosplay and Disney Bounding. Here’s Leo Camacho to help explain the difference

Here’s a video from Babes in Disneyland showing how easy clothes at a vintage-inspired clothing shop can be made into Disney Bound outfits.

And of course, there’s Leslie Kay, who started it all at, in an official Disney Style video showing how it’s done:

I love how even some of the more obscure Disney characters come out during Disney Bound trips. Are you ready to go Disney Bounding on your next Disney visit, or heck, even at the mall? (Do people still visit malls?)

9 thoughts on “Disney Bound, it’s becoming a thing”

  1. I love making outfits inspired by characters. Leslie didn’t start it but she definitely put a name to it.

  2. I’m friends with Leslie and I host the DisneyBound meetup every year for Dapper on the WDW side. It’s def getting bigger every year. However as it gets bigger, the line between cosplay and DB blurs. Which does get very annoying because soon it becomes an issue of costuming at the parks.

  3. Aaaaargh! Not one, but three (actually four, there’s one hiding in the right-sidebar as well) auto-playing videos with audio. John, let’s not do that again hey? kthx

      1. that is odd; they were all auto-playing simultaneously (see the video I pointed to over on Twitter), not only on this page but most of the pages here yesterday – but today they’re not.

        *shrug* I’m glad it wasn’t on purpose :-)

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