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Beautiful Disney Child Cosplay at Disneyland


There are few things more fun for a child than to just let your imagination run wild at Disneyland. It’s part of the spirit that I tried to capture in Dispatch from Disneyland, my book about the magic of Walt’s park. But there are other ways to make some of the magic yourself. You could, for instance, sew amazing fantastic Disney costumes for your children and take photos of them interacting with characters dressed the same way.

That’s what Angela Bonser, a San Diego area mom, has done for her daughter Haylie. Her photos were spectacular enough that Flickr, Yahoo!’s photo hosting service, recent featured them in their Weekly Flickr podcast:

“Haylie had so much fun immersing herself in the characters and making so many friends, both characters and park guests. For her, it was years of magical and wonderful Disneyland memories that she will never forget,” said Angela. “I’m just shocked at the joy that my photos and my costumes have brought to other people.”

Those are definitely some of the best hand-made costumes I’ve seen. Check out more of Angela’s great photos on her Flickr account.

(photo courtesy Angela via Flickr)