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Update: Now meet Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness below! Joy will be delivered later today.

Pixar has also given us a chance to meet all give characters / emotions that lives inside Riley’s head. The first was Sadness, who you meet via this teaser trailer

I’m adding the posters and teaser trailers for all five characters, as Pixar releases them, below the jump:


It’s a bit awkward to think about when you’re in the theater, but today’s computer animated movies are not just works of art, but they’re millions of mathematical calculations as well.

Without the math that gives the illusion of smoothness in computer animated characters, the visuals would not be nearly as appealing.

Pixar’s current President, Ed Catmull was the one who came up with the first formulas that helped the animators bring their art to life. These days there’s a whole group at Pixar in charge of researching new.