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Our first detailed look at Pete’s Dragon, he’s very furry.


We previously saw a glimpse of a very green, but furry dragon in the first trailer for “Pete’s Dragon,” the live action remake of the original Disney movie. Now we get our first really good look at Elliot courtesy an image shared by EW.

For those who known and love the original Pete’s Dragon, it’s plain to see that the new Elliot looks nothing like the original. In fact, he reminds me more of Draco, the dragon voiced by Sean Connery in the movie Dragonheart. Which isn’t bad, just different.

According to director David Lowery, while there is a new look, they retained “certain things about the original design we loved: Big jaw, big snout, and a clumsy quality that we really wanted to not completely forget about.”

Like the very well received new take on Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” the movie set is largely digitally created, along with Elliot. So certain modifications were required to make the dragon fit the photo-realistic world of the film. He’ll still have that same friendly personality.

Just think about animating all that fur on Elliot. Must be giving some digital animator nightmares even still.

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon will soar in the theaters August 12.

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