Disney’s Hollywood Studios makeover update – The walls go up


We’re just a few days into the major construction project that will eventually transform the third Walt Disney World theme park gate, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, into a mix of attractions and entertainment guaranteed to attraction guests for decades to come.

The two new lands are based on two of the most popular franchises in the Disney library – Pixar’s Toy Story and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars. While the location of Toy Story land is fairly well known (it will go on the opposite side of the Toy Story Midway Mania building replacing backstage buildings and that you used to see on the Backlot Tram Tour), it looks like Star Wars land is not going where it was originally believed.


The reason we think that is this little corner of concept art that was added to the walls. That’s Toy Story Land to the right, but up in the upper left corner are some structures that look very much like some of the concept art used to promote the Star Wars themed-land. It was originally thought that a plot of land would exist between the two, but now it looks like the 14 acres of Star Wars will abut Toy Story Land.


That means it’s possible that the 14-acre expansion could possibly fit within the existing ‘birm’ of the park. If so, what does that mean about the plans we saw for a re-routed entrance to the park? Until we see actual blueprints submitted to the county for construction we just won’t know.

Meanwhile, there are lots of walls up around the former Streets of America area. The Premiere Theater is already demolished and so is Catastrophe Canyon. We’ll be visiting frequently and looking for additional progress on this project as well as keeping our ears to the ground for any interesting rumors.

No official date has been set for the opening of either major expansion. But it’s our understanding that Disney has done some trimming of budgets for both projects in hopes that it can get done as quickly as possible. That seems counter-intuitive, but if you’re doing less land-moving, that means you can start going vertical earlier. And that’s what we want to see, vertical construction beginning on both of these projects.

What are you hoping for Toy Story Land and Star Wears Land and how they’ll transform the park?

6 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios makeover update – The walls go up”

  1. Walked there this week and looks like Star Wars Land is gonna wrap right around the rear in a crescent shape from Muppets all the way around to Toy Story. Some mighty big plans here..

  2. Perhaps it’s because I grew up on Westerns in the ’60’s and ’70’s and am now a historian with a historic movie ranch used for Westerns among other things, one thing that has always disappointed me about the Studios park was that, other than The Great Movie Ride, the Western genre wasn’t represented more. I would have liked to see Toy Story Land include an area based around Woody’s Roundup that could have included an adapted version of HKDL’s Grizzly area and roller coaster, along with a trackless Woody’s Roundup dark ride. Sadly, in Disney’s eyes, anything “Western” is probably too old school to include, even if it’s part of movie and Hollywood history that should be represented in a “Disney’s Hollywood Adventures” park.

  3. Is it really worth going to Hollywood studios?? I’m visiting. The week of July 23 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will be complete.. Highly doubt it.. Has anyone heard anything? Seen some videos where the Fantasia hat is missing.. Haven’t been there in 5 years and I’m taking my 3 yr old for the time.. Seriously thinking of swapping Epcot for Hollywood studios.. Suggestions??? Thanks

    Hiran Cruz
    Brownsville, Tx

    1. The Sorcerer Hat is long gone and there is no hope DHS will be complete by this July. Try July 2020. You might have better luck at Disney’s Animal Kingdom where Rivers of Light might be open by late July.

  4. What about the additional Toy Story track(s). Is it only 1 more or doubling with 2 more?
    Really hope that is soon.

    Looked like 1 ride in toy story land is just the tea cups and the other a kiddie roller coaster. Not much of an add.

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