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King Kong attraction Video from Christmas at USH 2002

Back in 2002 Universal Studios Hollywood had the idea to have a Christmas themed event and did up a number of their attractions with a holiday overlay. One of those attractions was the King Kong attraction that was destroyed in the backlot fire today.… Read More »King Kong attraction Video from Christmas at USH 2002

Classic Chip ‘n’ Dale Holiday Shorts

It’s the holiday season and the time to whip out those good old Disney holiday animated shorts. While there are many great shorts like 1932’s “Mickey’s Good Deed” and its iconic depression-era tale of selfless giving, perhaps none are as festive and fun as the classic Chip ‘n’ Dale films. I personally have three favorites… Read More »Classic Chip ‘n’ Dale Holiday Shorts

Pixar’s Joe Ranft killed in Auto Accident

You may have known him as the voice of Heimlich the caterpillar from Pixar’s hit film "A Bug’s Life", but to the folks at Pixar in Emeryville Joe Ranft was so much more. He was a story man, a voice artist, a humorist, a family man, and an artist. As a lead on nearly every… Read More »Pixar’s Joe Ranft killed in Auto Accident

A little pixie shopping…

I’ve been looking for some new accessories for my car. I collect Disney antenna balls, but my new car doesn’t have an antenna. (The horror. The horror.) So I was thinking about some Disney themed plate frames, metal tags, and window decals. (I’m such a rebel.) I’ve been looking for the perfect stuff during my… Read More »A little pixie shopping…

3D – home disney movies

Break out those 3-D glasses, 3D DisVids has released a set of 3-D home movies taken at Disney themeparks. So far we have The Nightmare Before Christmas version of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and The It’s A Small World Holiday. They work great on your screen. Try it at home!

It’s a Small Chocolate Factory, after all.

Alright, it’s not a Disney film, not even a Miramax film, it’s Warner Brothers (the people that brought you the Harry Potter films), however the remake of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is much anticipated by Disney fans all over. So, if you want to see the Disney connection just use Tim Burton (Nightmare… Read More »It’s a Small Chocolate Factory, after all.


If you’re over thirty and a fan of Disneyland then you probably remember the classic Tomorrowland attraction Adventure Thru Inner Space (ATIS). If your parents were fans of the attraction there is a chance that you were even concieved there too. The dark spaces were favorite make-out spots in the days before infrared cameras. Yesterland… Read More »ATIS CGI Ride-Thru DVD