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King Kong attraction Video from Christmas at USH 2002

Back in 2002 Universal Studios Hollywood had the idea to have a Christmas themed event and did up a number of their attractions with a holiday overlay. One of those attractions was the King Kong attraction that was destroyed in the backlot fire today. dug through their vaults and found a video from 2002 of the Santa Kong attraction and have graciously allowed us to embed it for y’all to enjoy.

Anyone remember how long this version ran? Or was it just the one year?

4 thoughts on “King Kong attraction Video from Christmas at USH 2002”

  1. I’m pretty sure they only used this overlay the one year. I was actually a bit disappointed that they didn’t bring it back the next year as I thought it was one of the funniest things I had seen at a theme park in recent memory…

  2. I don’t think it was shown the next year, either. BTW, there was a Christmas parade that same year as well. It was not good. The best part was when one of the Marx Brothers (I think it was Chico) saw the look on our face as we were watching and said “Were you expecting something more?”

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