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Rose and Dubby, Disneyland Swing Dance couple, join Walt

Dubby and Rose Dublino

I am very saddened by the news that Dubby and Rose Dublino both died recently. But I am comforted by the thought that they are dancing together at the great Disneyland in the sky where Walt is no doubt watching and applauding. Vincent “Dubby” (or Dubbie) Dublino passed away May 5th and I just learned that Rose died on May 27th. Their marriage lasted for 69 years.

Who were Rose and Dubby? They were the old couple you saw cutting a rug on the Carnation Gardens Dance floor and thought “Man those two can dance.” Some called them Disneyland’s “Dirty Dancers” as many of their moves were of the jitterburg variety. But they were a class act on and off the dance floor.

For more than 40 years the couple drove in from Temecula nearly every Saturday night to claim their spot on the dance floor. Rose handmade their dance outfits, which always matched, and Dubby was always there with a joke.

In their younger days Rose and Dubby entered dance competitions and often won with their Jitterbug style moves. They were totally devoted to each other and it showed on the dance floor. Watch for just a few minutes and you could not help but catch their enthusiasm for dance. In fact, many generations of “Swing Kids” got to know Rose and Dubby and many learned a great deal of the Jitterbug dance.

The saddest part of not living in Southern California is that I no longer get the chance to see all my friends from the park anymore. If I wandered over to Carnation Gardens on a Saturday night Rose and Dubby were always there to say hi and share a fun story or two. The Saturday night swing dance crew celebrated birthdays and graduations and more together just like any family.

Now that family has lost a beloved pair of members. For them, and all of Rose and Dubby’s friends and family, you are in my thoughts and hopes.

6 thoughts on “Rose and Dubby, Disneyland Swing Dance couple, join Walt”

  1. OH MAN!

    I have to admit that the last time I saw these two (they were there every time I taped a swing party band for the windowtothemagic podcast) I was wondering when the day would come… I had hoped it would be later… but at least they both are gone and are together. I will miss them greatly, so much that I will pay tribute to them in the coming weeks on my show with a swing band compilation.

    I hope they enjoy it.

    Hopefully they have pod-catchers in heaven.

  2. Wow. This is such sad news.

    While we didn’t know their real names, my husband and I had a nickname for them, therefore he knew exactly who I was talking about when I told him of the news of their passing. We’ve seen them dancing on Saturday nights (when we aren’t blocked out) for the last 12 years!

    Thanks for the article and sharing the news, sad as it be. Now we won’t won’t wonder the next time we don’t see them.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that these joyous folks have passed away. I remember seeing them at the park every so often on Saturday evenings back when I had the Premium annual pass.

    I guess they missed each other too much to be apart for too long. At least they’re together now.

  4. Rose and Dubby will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege to watch them dance, and by those who were able to share the dance floor with them. I will miss their traditional greeting of “Well look what the wind blew in!” every time my dance partner and I stepped foot on their dance floor (and it was their floor, they had been working it for years.) I can only hope that the rest of the Disneyland Swing Kids can carry on in the same spirit, welcoming and entertaining everyone that came in to their little corner of the Park.

  5. I enjoyed watching Dubby and Rose since May ’99. They took such delight in each other and the young people who danced with them. Many times they got parents to let them dance with their small children for a few minutes. The delighted parents took lots of pictures. Disney has twice now put up a floral bouquet for them. A OC Register reporter and a photographer were there on June 7th interviewing people and the band (Doc Anello). I have been told that Disney plans to honor them on July 26. (At least that’s what they are shooting for.) I’ve got my fingers crossed that that is true. I don’t know when the story will appear in the paper, probably around the same time.

  6. This is such sad news. We watched them every time we were there and they were a sweet inspiration for the kind of couple my husband and I want to be when we grow up. They will be sadly missed.

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