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A little pixie shopping…

TinkdecalI’ve been looking for some new accessories for my car. I collect Disney antenna balls, but my new car doesn’t have an antenna. (The horror. The horror.) So I was thinking about some Disney themed plate frames, metal tags, and window decals. (I’m such a rebel.) I’ve been looking for the perfect stuff during my visit to the parks, but the pickings are slim.

There are some online stores that offer Disney auto accessories. I found Tinkerbell themed car mats, metal tags, steering wheel covers, and decals. There were also plenty of Mickey and Pooh themed car mats and seat covers. Alas, Pooh, Mickey, or Tinkerbell just isn’t for me.

Disney Product Designers if you’re listening. How about some Pirates of the Caribbean themed car accessories? Perhaps more Nightmare Before Christmas? What would you like to see out there?