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Upper Deck Collectibles

Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) announces the release of the new Disney Holiday Treasures Collectible Card Set. The latest addition to the highly popular Disney Treasures series, the spectacular set will include exclusive, never-before-seen cards featuring favorite holiday scenes and characters, and, the upcoming Disney CGI video, “Twice Upon a Christmas,” releasing in December. The Disney… Read More »Upper Deck Collectibles

Nightmare Before Christmas Still Attracts

One of the things that paarticularly intrigues me about the present fascination with this movie, or at least its characters, among 13-16 year old girls is the fast that they were between 2 and 5 when the movie came out orriginally. I suppose the simplest answer would be that they aquired it off their older… Read More »Nightmare Before Christmas Still Attracts

Low Pay+High Turn Over=Safety Risk?

Robert Niles, from Themepark Insider, has a lengthy column on how low pay for frontline Disney themepark employees equals a lower quality experience for guests. Robert points to the recent Big Thunder Accidents and the Christmas Eve of 1998 accident that killed a guest and maimed two others as examples of his theory borne out.… Read More »Low Pay+High Turn Over=Safety Risk?

Ed Wood comes out of the Vault

In a DVD release that I am very much looking forward to, Buena Vista announces the release date for the Special Edition DVD of Ed Wood on October 19th. A little too late for my Birthday, but it’s never too early to start shopping for christmas, you know. In my humber opinion Ed Wood shows… Read More »Ed Wood comes out of the Vault

Somewhere over the Rainbow Connection

Word is out that Production has started on the next Muppets movie — The Muppets vs Ash.. er… sorry that’s The Muppet’s Wizard of Oz. It’s a made for TV affair, but still it’s nice to see them dusting off the old frog and pig for another picture. The movie is to be directed by… Read More »Somewhere over the Rainbow Connection