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Tron, Inside the Computer World

The cult of Tron appears to be growing every day. Ben at Semioclast finds a great piece of Tron Artwork you can own as a print or on a t-shirt.

Of course, there is always the DIY crowd. Here’s a Tron Costume and a Tron Statue. Amazing. I know what I want for Christmas to go with my set of Pink Flamingos.

6 thoughts on “Tron, Inside the Computer World”

  1. Actually, the Tron art is just a print. The t-shirts just happen to be cool as well, but have nothing to do with Tron.

  2. I love Tron. This movie helped guide my life. I became a computer programmer. Flynn & Alan were my heroes. Sorry, but that movie made me see that computers were exciting, not cold and sterile.

    I wish Disney would create a TRON II, with the excellent CGI we have now, that movie would be kicking!

    My favorite part of the movie was when Flynn met the little bit that could only say YES or NO.
    What a nice way to teach people the basics of computers.

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