Nightmare Before Christmas Still Attracts

One of the things that paarticularly intrigues me about the present fascination with this movie, or at least its characters, among 13-16 year old girls is the fast that they were between 2 and 5 when the movie came out orriginally. I suppose the simplest answer would be that they aquired it off their older siblings, those of us who were 9-13 when the movie first came out.

On LemonFrosted LFK muses about the amazing staying power of Tim Burton’s excellent film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Nightmare Before Christmas Still Attracts”

  1. actually it is the recent release of Blink 182’s song “I Miss You” and its lyrics make heaps of references to the movie. Here it is:
    Hello there,
    the angel from my nightmare,
    the shadow in the background of the morgue.
    The unsuspecting victim,
    of darkness in the valley,
    we can live like Jack and Sally if we want,
    where you can always find me.
    We’ll have Halloween on Christmas.
    And in the night we’ll wish this never ends,

  2. I might also like to add since Blink 182 is a popular band among teens and the song had proven popular as well. Naturally teen girls around this age demographic would be interested in watching it. another reason could be Squaresoft’s popular game Kingdom Hearts released on the Playstation 2 in 2003 also features characters from the movie. Hope this helps to your musings.

  3. I’m fifteen and when i was a kid Nightmare Before Christmas was my favorite movie so i think that proves wrong that we acquire it off of older sibs.

  4. I was 5 when the movie came out and it was my favorite. One day like 2 years ago I pulled the movie out of the cabinet and popped it in. I fell in love with it all over again. Most of the people I know didn’t aquire it from older siblings but just rediscoverd it, i guess you would say.

  5. Do children that watch “The Nightmare Before Xmas” grow up gothic?

    Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare before Xmas”, is a 77 minute stop-motion, all singing all dancing extravaganza. It the story of Jack Skellington, “Pumpkin King” of Haloween Town, who has grown mealoncholy with his lot as chief scarer. All this changes when h…

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