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Somewhere over the Rainbow Connection

Word is out that Production has started on the next Muppets movie — The Muppets vs Ash.. er… sorry that’s The Muppet’s Wizard of Oz. It’s a made for TV affair, but still it’s nice to see them dusting off the old frog and pig for another picture. The movie is to be directed by Kirk Thatcher, who was the director of the Very Merry Christmas movie in 2002, a generally well liked movie. So signs are pointing to a successful enterprise here.

Tough Pigs, a Muppet’s Fan Site with attitude, has more on the film and other recent happenings in the world of the Muppets.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere over the Rainbow Connection”

  1. where would I get a CD with Burl Ives singing over the rainbow? It,s it the move 50 frist dates.

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