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Classic Chip ‘n’ Dale Holiday Shorts

It’s the holiday season and the time to whip out those good
old Disney holiday animated shorts. While there are many great shorts like
1932’s “Mickey’s Good Deed” and its iconic depression-era tale of selfless
giving, perhaps none are as festive and fun as the classic Chip ‘n’ Dale films.
I personally have three favorites that are perfect for this time of the year:

Chip an’ Dale (1947): The first short to name the sly little
chipmunks, “Chip an’ Dale” also introduces them as the thorn in Donald Duck’s
webbed foot. The story centers around Chip and Dale’s attempt to recover their
log home after Donald cuts it down to use as firewood. Contains all of the
physical humor we have come to know and love from the chipmunks.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952): This time Chip and Dale’s
nemesis is Pluto, who catches them hiding in the Christmas tree Mickey brings
home. This short has some of the best backgrounds of any Chip ‘n’ Dale film.
Physical comedy abounds as the pair antagonize poor Pluto.

Toy Tinkers (1949): One of my favorite shorts growing up,
this film features the duo antagonizing Donald after they are discovered
stealing nuts from his house. Lots of clever comedic interactions with a
variety of toys including trains, cars, and an assortment of projectiles.
Looking back however, one has to wonder how much would have to be changed if it
were made today.

Those are among my favorite Disney holiday shorts. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to enjoy these great
little films. They are also good year-round, but watching them now keeps you from having
to hear the inevitable “why are you watching a Christmas movie in July?” So what are your favorites?

“Chip an’ Dale” can be found individually on iTunes (opens iTunes) or
together with other great Chip ‘n’ Dale cartoons on Classic Cartoon Favorites, Vol. 4 – Starring Chip ‘n Dale.
“Toy Tinkers” (along with “Mickey’s Good Deed” plus others) can be found on Classic Cartoon
Favorites, Vol. 8 – Holiday Celebration with Mickey & Pals
. “Pluto’s
Christmas Tree” and more can be found on Classic Cartoon Favorites, Vol. 9 – Classic
Holiday Stories