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Disney Scores 8 Oscar Nods

Time for Academy Award Nominations. Members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted and The Walt Disney Company racked up nominations in 6 categories with 7 overall nods (or 8 depending on how you count them). Best Original Song – Let it… Read More »Disney Scores 8 Oscar Nods

New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts

There are now 11 of the new Paul Rudish directed Mickey Mouse animated shorts available on YouTube. There will be 19 in the new series. So we have eight more to go. I really loved “Ghoul Friend” (Goofy Ghoul concept art above). Really a lot… Read More »New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts

“Get A Horse!” Animation Short Art Released

Walt Disney Animation Studios has just shared two animation cells from the never-before-seen Mickey Mouse short “Get A Horse!” There was some mystery about this black-and-white, hand-drawn short. We’re told it features Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey Mouse. but the providence of… Read More »“Get A Horse!” Animation Short Art Released

Two New Mickey Mouse Shorts Debut


The Disney Channel debuted two new Mickey Mouse animated shorts this weekend. Yodelburg and No Service feature a new style of animation and a new direction for Mickey Mouse that the Walt Disney Company hopes returns some relevance of the character to today’s youth. If you weren’t able to catch them on the Disney Channel, you can watch them via YouTube now:

Read More »Two New Mickey Mouse Shorts Debut

How Pixar Used Light in its Short – The Blue Umbrella

Saschka Unseld, director of Pixar’s latest animated short, dishes on the making of The Blue Umbrella including the use of the new Global Illumination System: [W]e used the Global Illumination technology that Monsters [University] used as well. So that helped us massively in getting everything… Read More »How Pixar Used Light in its Short – The Blue Umbrella

Preview of New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts

We know that Disney has been working on reviving a little of what made Mickey Mouse such an animated icon, before he became a corporate icon, that is. There is a new series of animated shorts that features a unique style added by director Paul… Read More »Preview of New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts

Mysterious Mickey Mouse Cartoon To Feature Walt Disney’s Voice

There’s a Mickey Mouse cartoon scheduled for a world debut at the Annecy Animation Festival on June 11. Disney animation is playing coy saying only that the never-before-seen Walt Disney Animation Studios short will feature Walt Disney’s voice as Mickey Mouse. It is said to… Read More »Mysterious Mickey Mouse Cartoon To Feature Walt Disney’s Voice

New Mickey Mouse Short – Croissant De Triomphe

A lovely new animated short returns Mickey Mouse to his place of prominence atop the animation pantheon at Walt Disney Animation Studios. In this stylized video, Minnie Mouse runs out of croissants at the cafe she works at in Paris and Mickey Mouse has to take heroic action to deliver the pastries before Minnie’s customers become irate. Oh yes, it’s also in French.

It’s a classic Mickey Mouse plot with many wonderful sight gags and glimpses of some of your favorite Disney characters.

This film is the first of 19 new Mickey Mouse and gang animated shorts scheduled to come from Disney in an attempt to relaunch the classic characters for today’s youth. If they keep producing films of this quality it’s also bound to win over those who have a fond spot in their hearts for the characters they remember from their own childhoods. Read More »New Mickey Mouse Short – Croissant De Triomphe