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Ovitz trial, not dead yet!

Remember that little trial where all the dirt between Eisner and Ovitz was revealed. Well, it’s not over yet. Ovitz has just filed a brief asking again to be excused from the trial. "Unable to prove that Ovitz left Disney voluntarily, or that he wanted to leave at all, the plaintiffs again resort to character… Read More »Ovitz trial, not dead yet!

Space Mountain II???

Gone are the old visuals and conscientiously French theme based on Jules Verne’s novel "From the Earth to the Moon." Instead, the ride tours the solar system before hurtling out through asteroid showers to skim past supernovas and other astronomical phenomena, portrayed with high-definition video and a host of other new effects. Paris Disneyland unveiled… Read More »Space Mountain II???

Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration

Steve has posted the latest Walt Disney World CM free gift. It’s a poster celebrating the 50 years of themepark dominence by the Walt Disney Company. Topped by the original park, Disneyland and including the four other locations around the world that Disney has expanded this concept. I note a few errors here. First Disneyland’s… Read More »Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration

Some news….

Sorry for the absence everyone. The wife has been sick and I’m trying to stay healthy and keep my son healthy which means I haven’t had much time to be on the computer. But the good news is I got to visit some of Disneyworld with my son. Just some quality father and son time… Read More »Some news….

Playboy Bunnies at The World

This is too good of a story to pass up. The founder of the Playboy empire, Hugh Heffner, paid a visit to Walt Disney World as part of his pre-superbowl fun. "I think he [Walt] would have every reason to be proud," Hefner said. "I think he’s had a very positive impact on the world.… Read More »Playboy Bunnies at The World

Kissimmee-St. Cloud, where’s that?

The Osceola County Tourist Development Council wants you to know that the area just south and east of Walt Disney World is ready to receive your tourist dollars. As such, they’re launching an advertising campaign to draw tourists away from the higher end resorts of the Disney World and International Drive areas to their more… Read More »Kissimmee-St. Cloud, where’s that?

It’s a Small Chocolate Factory, after all.

Alright, it’s not a Disney film, not even a Miramax film, it’s Warner Brothers (the people that brought you the Harry Potter films), however the remake of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is much anticipated by Disney fans all over. So, if you want to see the Disney connection just use Tim Burton (Nightmare… Read More »It’s a Small Chocolate Factory, after all.

avoid August and September?

The four hurricanes that hit Florida could hurt the tourism industry for years, as a fifth of potential summer visitors told researchers they would consider avoiding the state for fear of the storms, officials said today. That could translate into $2.7 billion in lost business for Florida’s biggest industry and $160 million in lost taxes… Read More »avoid August and September?