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New SeaWorld Water Park Announced

SeaWorld has released more details about the water park they intend to open across the street from their existing theme park. It looks like their going for more of an upscale experience, an angle that has worked well for them at Discovery Cove. SeaWorld officials said one of the park’s signature elements would be an… Read More »New SeaWorld Water Park Announced

Roy Disney sell out or visionary?

At Scenes from a Hat Bigby wonders if Roy Disney sold out. He draws this list of items Roy himself said the company had to solve before Roy would end his campaign. 10 years of declining performance failing strategy lack of executive depth decline in working conditions and cast morale failure of ABC network failure… Read More »Roy Disney sell out or visionary?

Diane Disney Miller Interview

In a recent interview Diane Disney Miller recounts some of the familiar stories of her childhood as a Disney daughter. What’s new and interesting is the information on the Disney Family Museum that is scheduled to open in a refurbished barracks at the Presidio in San Francisco… Miller said the museum will be in a… Read More »Diane Disney Miller Interview

Tales from the Laughing Place, issue 3 for sale

I’m quite happy to announced that the third issue of’s Tales from the Laughing Place Disney magazine is now available for purchase. The first two issues were as beautiful and informative as anything published by Disney now or in the past. Issue three will continue to span the empire of Disney bringing us news… Read More »Tales from the Laughing Place, issue 3 for sale

Ducks officially on Ice

How much is a professional team worth when there is no functioning league for it to belong to? Broadcom Corp. Chairman Henry Samueli and his wife, Susan, have officially signed the papers their purchase of the National Hockey League’s Mighty Ducks of Anaheim from The Walt Disney Co. The sale was for an estimated $75… Read More »Ducks officially on Ice

Disney World Death Update

Dr. John Kuluz, an associate professor and expert in pediatric critical care and brain injuries at the University of Miami, said the mother’s report of her son’s rigidity suggests that the brain was a more likely suspect. "That episode of being rigid makes it sound as if the brain was having increased pressure," said Kuluz,… Read More »Disney World Death Update

1977 Interview with George Lucas

Her [Lucas’ wife] first idea was to have Threepio get shot, and I said impossible because I wanted to start and end the film with the robots, I wanted the film to really be about the robots and have the theme be framework for the rest of the movie. Talk continues in the comments over… Read More »1977 Interview with George Lucas

Send a dolphin some love

The Orlando Sentinel has a story recounting Marineland’s tale of woe. Once the pride of the Florida Marine Animal Attractions, the park has suffered for the last few decades. Finally, Hurricane Frances dealt it a death blow. Or so it seems. Now new investors are hoping to turn the park around and make it a… Read More »Send a dolphin some love