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Success at Disneyland already

If there is already one good thing to say about Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, scheduled to kick off on May 5th, it is that the music merchandise is out of this world awesome. First there is the incredible collection of albums being put out by Randy Thornton, who is interviewed in the 2nd issue of… Read More »Success at Disneyland already

Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television

With the success of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has come the recent copycat program on NBC Renovation Intervention (like renovating is a drug habit or something) Unfortunately, the show concept is what needed renovation and I don’t think I’ll be watching any more episodes of this NBC show. USA Today has an article on… Read More »Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television

Disney and Pixar sitting in a tree…

“We feel sick about Disney doing [Pixar] sequels,” said Steve Jobs, the Apple chief who also heads Pixar, at the height of animosities between the two. At the time, Mr Jobs said: “If you look at their sequels, like Lion King 1½ . . . it’s pretty embarrassing.” Alright, there’s yet another story on the… Read More »Disney and Pixar sitting in a tree…

Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

Cory at BoingBoing links to another story of a ‘rogue’ tour guide, this time author and Disneyland historian Dave Koenig, being asked not to give tours on Disney property. Does Disneyland really need all this bad publicity? Who is making the decisions up there, Goofy? I agree that Disney has the right to control tour… Read More »Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

A little pixie shopping…

I’ve been looking for some new accessories for my car. I collect Disney antenna balls, but my new car doesn’t have an antenna. (The horror. The horror.) So I was thinking about some Disney themed plate frames, metal tags, and window decals. (I’m such a rebel.) I’ve been looking for the perfect stuff during my… Read More »A little pixie shopping…

More on the end of the Disney Magazine

Although Disney Magazine made money, it was not considered a "growth" publication by the powers-that-be at Publishing. So, instead of letting it chug along being successful and turning a profit, however small, the potentially damaging and expensive decision to shut it down was reportedly made. has posted a letter that claims one more issue… Read More »More on the end of the Disney Magazine

Long Live the Disney Magazine

Reading this post about the diminishing power of traditional media (via ) reminded me of the big news that Jim Hill Media broke yesterday, Disney Magazine has published its last issue (no official announcement on the website yet). Never able to recover after the end of The Magic Kingdom Club and unable to compete… Read More »Long Live the Disney Magazine

New Laughing Place Magazine

Disney themeparks around the world are now flooded with signage and merchandise (see the LaughingPlace Store for the best selection) to honor Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. But the one collectible publication everyone will need this year isn’t even produced by the Walt Disney Company. Nope. It’s issue two of the new magazine Tales from the Laughing… Read More »New Laughing Place Magazine