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Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television

With the success of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has come the recent copycat program on NBC Renovation Intervention (like renovating is a drug habit or something) Unfortunately, the show concept is what needed renovation and I don’t think I’ll be watching any more episodes of this NBC show.

USA Today has an article on an upcoming EM:HE episode and the phenomenon that is EM:HE and the raft of ‘pay it forward‘ clones that appear to be in production for next season. Including:

Miracles, in development for ABC. People with problems (medical and otherwise) will get them resolved by experts.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, for ABC. Five families compete for a chance to win a new home.

Three Wishes, in development for NBC. Experts will surprise deserving people who have specific wishes, such as having their bills paid, going skydiving, living out a sports dream or keeping a factory open. Christian crossover singer Amy Grant will host.

Mobile Home Disasters, for WB. It’s described as an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for mobile homes; a team each week renovates a trailer. Comedian Bill Engvall will host.

Leave it to WB to come up with the really classy concept.

6 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television”

  1. The new NBC series … totally boring; at least EM:HE is for generally needy’ish’ families. RI was just boring (and why did they blow up the old house, the family could have used it as rental income or something).

    “Welcome to the Neighborhood” sounds like a take off on “House Rules” on TBS two years ago.

    “3 Wishes” could be interesting.

  2. I have a disney watch about 25 years old with “DISNEY TIME WORKS” on the back and the #80/8057-9
    Any help with knowing the aspects of this piece? thanks 615-210-9080

  3. I would like info on how to apply for the mobile home diasaters program. I have a cousin who had twin boys 6 months ago, and just last month one of the twins died of what they believe was SIDS. This baby was having a few breathing problems, but doctors said it was just a cold. Two days after this childs funeral, the other infant was hospitalized for breathing problems. The Dr.’s can’t pin point the problems, but now believe the other infant may have had breathing problems also.
    I tell you this because this family lives in a very old and small 2 bdrm home that is falling apart. The baby’s wake was held in the home, and the fooring acually broke while the funeral director was preparing to take the infant bact to the funeral home. This family was intending to remodel this home and had an old, old mobile home they were going to stay in while they worked on this house, but the mobile home is in worse shape than the house is. This family does not have the means to do this project and on their own it would take years. I am very concerned about the infant in this enviroment. I know he is breathing horriable toxins from this home like, mold,mildew, probably even lead paint. And even worse he is now begining to crawl on a foor that is very dangerous with holes and old carpet. This is not safe for this child to breath in this enviroment, and with his health problems and the death of there other baby last month, the parent are very scared, but they can’t afford to prepare a safe place for their family right now. If there is someway to help this family please, please contact me by email or phone @ 601-758-0200 , My name is Tina and I pray that I can find help for this family. Thanks!

  4. I don’t have a sad story to tell all I can say is that I am classified as the working poor of America. I was fortuniate to have a grandmother who loved me and bought me my trailer before she died. But now that I owm it the up keep can be overwhelming. My bathroom floor is on the virge of rotting through around the base of the toilet and I am afraid that funny as it sounds that one day me or one of my girls is going to try to use the restroom and fall through. The people I bought the trailer from tore the second bedroom out and made one big bedroom so I sleep on the couch and the girls share the room. I know that there are plenty of sad stories and seemingly more deserving people out there but it would really be nice if I could get lucky enough to catch one of the breaks those people get all to often. Bill if you read these PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME, LET MY TRAILER PLEASE PLEASE BE ONE OF YOUR NEXT PROJECTS.
    Thank you,

  5. I need help. i have alot of medical problems. i am not working , my husband work and it is just enough to get by. we live in a trailer that is falling down around us. i have 2 sons 8 and 13. my thirteen year old has a growth hormone problem and is the size of a nine yr.old. his medication is $10,000.00 a month and we are trying to get help to pay for his medication. we can not afford to buy a new home or remodel ours. please someone help us.

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