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Extreme Makeover: Paying it Forward to Television

With the success of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has come the recent copycat program on NBC Renovation Intervention (like renovating is a drug habit or something) Unfortunately, the show concept is what needed renovation and I don’t think I’ll be watching any more episodes of this NBC show.

USA Today has an article on an upcoming EM:HE episode and the phenomenon that is EM:HE and the raft of ‘pay it forward‘ clones that appear to be in production for next season. Including:

Miracles, in development for ABC. People with problems (medical and otherwise) will get them resolved by experts.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, for ABC. Five families compete for a chance to win a new home.

Three Wishes, in development for NBC. Experts will surprise deserving people who have specific wishes, such as having their bills paid, going skydiving, living out a sports dream or keeping a factory open. Christian crossover singer Amy Grant will host.

Mobile Home Disasters, for WB. It’s described as an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for mobile homes; a team each week renovates a trailer. Comedian Bill Engvall will host.

Leave it to WB to come up with the really classy concept.