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Diane Disney Miller Interview

In a recent interview Diane Disney Miller recounts some of the familiar stories of her childhood as a Disney daughter. What’s new and interesting is the information on the Disney Family Museum that is scheduled to open in a refurbished barracks at the Presidio in San Francisco…

Miller said the museum will be in a beautiful and historic brick
building. "We’ll offer an audio visual walk-through about his life" —
from before Walt’s birth, through his childhood, his service in the Red
Cross during World War I, to his films, TV shows, Disneyland and how
his legacy has influenced today’s society."

…now why the hell should there be a museum on Walt Disney’s life in the Bay Area, other than the fact that it is close to Diane’s home and vineyard, is beyond me. You know, Walt had the opportunity to set up shop (as a film studio or themepark) at Treasure Island in the bay a couple of times and he decided not to. I could see Kansas City or Marceline maybe. But that museum should be right next door to Walt’s studio in Burbank or Walt’s themepark in Anaheim. To place it elsewhere is a selfish move by the Miller family. It’s really too weird for words.