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Ducks officially on Ice

How much is a professional team worth when there is no functioning league for it to belong to? Broadcom Corp. Chairman Henry Samueli and his
wife, Susan, have officially signed the papers their purchase of the National Hockey League’s
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim from The Walt Disney Co. The sale was for an estimated $75 million. I think Disney got a good deal.

Now Disney is out of the major league sports team ownership business. This should clear up a few things over at ESPN and allow them to focus on providing world class sports facilities, such as upgrading their Wide World of Sports park in Orlando, and sports coverage. For instance, I don’t see why there can’t be ESPN branded sports parks with multipurpose fields and arenas around the nation. I know this is heresy, but don’t even make any money on them. Just break even on groundskeeping and maintenance and consider the rest as goodwill the communities they’re in.