More details continue to leak out from the Miramax vs. Disney negotiations. I know Harvey has made himself unpopular in some circles, but Miramax continues to release profitable movies, and has a knack for finding the international gems (see Jet Li's 'Hero' on top of the box office for two weeks now) that translate into
Damage elsewhere was minimal. A tree was down here and there, they found lots of branches in the walkways that were easily moved to the side, and the lawns were littered with leaves. They weren’t their usual immaculate selves! But the infrastructure held together nicely. Two hurricanes, and STILL the horrible Epcot wand remains atop
Two videos. One lengthy look (33MB) at a couple of Disney fans who risk life and limb to bring you shots of what it's like to stay at the All-Star Resort during a hurricane. This film takes place before, during, and after Hurricane Charley. Of note are the tie-down procedures for the parks, the stupid
With Hurricane, now tropical storm, Frances moving on the digging out process begins. For the hotel, convention, and tourism industry the good news is that they were mostly spared the damage caused by Hurricane Charley. The real damage will be when the lost dollars expected from Labor Day weekend are totalled. There does remain the