For all of you attempting to follow along with the Disney, Miramax, and Weinstein brothers contract negotiations, The New Statesman has a great primer. I imagine a lot of this is up in the air until the next CEO of Disney is decided upon.
Apparently Disney is content to severe all ties with Pixar and go it alone with their own CGI Animation Department. To that end, they just announced that two more sequels to the Toy Story movie will be released, but this time without the help of Pixar. If that doesn't put a nail in the coffin
Here's an amazing Case Study from the UMICH Business School on the rise of Pixar. It was written in 1996, so it's a tad out of date. But still a great historical look at the company. I found the above link on LUXO, a blog devoted to Pixar. There's lots of good stuff to check
I've been hearing rumors of a book about Walt and the Golden and Silver era's of the Walt Disney Company that tells the story through interviews with what could be called 'Walt's People'. Now comes word that it is actually a series of books edited by Didier Ghez and that the first one will be
This reminds me of the crystal pendants that people had hanging in their cars in the 70s and 80s until it was found that the suns rays were burning holes in the upholstery. Something similar, but a lot more expensive, has occured with a Disney Snow Globe set on a windowsil.