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Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

There are reports that Disney Cast Members are now searching monorails for abandoned packages. It’s nice to know they’re doing this on the monorails and, I hope, the trains/buses/boats that also transport guests around the Walt Disney World property.

A few years ago I was riding the train at Disneyland and boarded an empty car only to find a small hard-sided suitcase alone on the bench. I signalled a Cast Member who went over and picked it up instead of calling security. Not the wisest move, in my opinion. Procedures now call for security to be summoned if an abandoned package is found. This, of course, can and will cause delays on the rail systems.

Which reminds me of why I think the bag searches that all Disney parks have implemented since 9/11 are next to useless. First off, there are any number of opportune targets for a terrorist outside the gates (the monorail for instance). Second, It is relatively easy for someone to get any number of ‘contraband’ items past that inspection (hint: no one ever looks under the seat of my sons stroller). Third, the crowds created at the bag check stations make a perfect target for a terrorist.

Disney has taken many measures that I do think will be effective at preventing a terrorist attack, but the bag check stations aren’t one of them.