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Virtual Disneyworld: Constructed One Pixel At A Time

Epcot3dmodelAt some point in the last few years we’ve leaped over the technological sound barrier that left 3D computer modelling solely in the hands of those who could afford the really powerful computers. We have the Adventure Through Inner Space DVD, an excellent recreation of the infamous ‘snogging’ ride. We also have the Haunted Mansion 3D project (including a new printout so you can create a paper model version). And of course, how could I forget Virtual Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.

Now comes Deep Water Studios whose goal is to recreate all of Walt Disney World one pixel at a time. This has some amazing potential for future uses on the net. For instance, plot this with typical crowd movement throughout the day and get a visual for how your day could work if you went counter to the crowds. I’m also reminded, for some reason, of Cory Doctorow‘s magnificant opus "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom".

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