The death of animation at Disney

CartoonBrew announces the closing of the last Disney Animation Studio to use traditional hand-drawn, or 2-D, animation. It’s really sad that Disney couldn’t figure out someway to keep their rich tradition of hand-drawn animation alive. I really hope that some of the fired animators are able to and release projects of their own, creating a hand-drawn renaissance. (Link)

6 thoughts on “The death of animation at Disney”

  1. The reason that their recent 2D movies didn’t do well had little to do with technology and more to do with poor stories and characters. Hopefully they’re realize this and bring it back. I think there’s a place for both in this world.

  2. 2D is what Disney was all about. Why would they get rid of it? The last couple 2D movies sucked because the writing was bad and the characters were not good. It’s not because they were 2D.

  3. Oh! My god I don’t believe it that the studio has been shut down…
    Why on earth did this happen? I’m an animator too…and feel terrible with the news…
    Its everything that we had all dreamt of…I mean I have literally grown up seeing there movies…
    So much for the entertainment!

  4. cant believe this, it’s a disaster. I’m a big fan of Disney classic.
    Maybe Disney should concentrate more on Mickey mouse, Donald cs. coz ppl love them.
    and they are very suitable for multi series.
    rather than Lion king 2,3 or pocahontas 2 which ppl dun really want to know about. ppl like it to be mystery in mind.

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