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It Was Walt’s World

The lasting legacy of Walt Disney is his timeless insight into the
imagination of children coupled with a gift for awakening the child in
the rest of us. His idealized vision of childhood and Americana still
resonates with kids of all ages worldwide. This week marked the 50th
anniversary of Disneyland, a marvelous invention – not just an
amusement park but a theme park – that revolutionized the art of entertainment just as Walt’s innovative contributions to film did decades earlier.

The essay It Was Walt’s World reflects on Terrie’s memories of 50 years of Disneyland history. It’s a beautiful collection of pictures, thoughts, and observations that get to the heart of what Disneyland was and what it has become. Don’t miss this piece which should be nominated for some sort of web award. This story should be required reading for all Disney Execs too.